Prices & Ordering

ExamFootsiestm are hand-made! 

Most ExamFootsiestm from the Non-Vinyl Collections are fully reversible and all are constructed of washable quilted fabric held in place by sewn-in elastic. Some styles are available in flannel or plush. Easily removed for cleaning, the covers stay securely in place when the stirrup is folded and moved into the storage area beneath the exam table.

ExamFootsies® from the Vinyl Collection are constructed of supple naugahyde vinyl that contains agents effective against bacterial and fungal microorganisms. The surface vinyl can be sprayed with any disinfectant to maintain cleanliness. The interior layer of each ExamFootsie© in the Vinyl Collection is padded, providing comfortable protection from the metal stirrup.

ExamFootsiestm are hand-made to order. Orders generally take five to ten business days to complete while actual shipping time within the Continental United States takes two to three business days.

ExamFootsiestm are approximately 6 ¼” wide by 8 ¼” long.

Special Orders

Special orders using fabric supplied by you or requested by you are welcome.

Placing an Order and Making Payments 

ExamFootsies® accepts most major credit cards, corporate checks and personal checks. We use PayPal® to process most of our orders.

It’s free and easy to use PayPal®. Our online ordering system (located on each of the Collections pages) will walk you through the PayPal® shopping-cart, check-out and payment system.

If, however, you prefer another method, please contact me by email or by telephone as I will be happy to make alternate arrangements that best fit your needs. My telephone number is (251) 284-3862

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